What you can expect

Most introductory courses start with the TDI Intro to Tec diver course. This fundamental course teaches the fundamentals of proper buoyancy, trim, propulsion techniques, gas sharing, hose control, proper position and use of the basic technical equipment and configuration along with the basic theory of gas management, gas planning, dive planning, run time management and general awareness of self, team and environment.

During your course you are provided all technical and cave diving equipment including: regulators, wing, backplate, reels, spools, line markers, primary torch, back-up torches, wrist slates, helmet, back-up timing/depth gauge, twin cylinders, compressed air and transportation. You are required to provide wetsuit 7mm is recommended, hood, mask, fins and boots (no split fins), primary computer and entry fees. If you don’t have you may rent from the recreational dive center we work with.

I prefer to include the equipment as it is suited specifically to the way I teach and guaranteed to be in proper working conditions so we don’t have any unnecessary delays during the course. All my equipment is top of the line, in like new condition. I personally service all equipment every 3 months and replace anything with minor wear.

Our philosophy on training is to train divers in equipment that is suited for more than one style of diving for the of familiarity of configuration. This simply means that if you would like to do trimix, ccr, sidemount or cave diving you dive using a similar configuration therefore more familiarization with your own equipment and procedures, this significantly speeds up reaction times in emergency situations. We also believe in complete and thorough training not just the minimum standards, all course dives are completed with bottom times far exceeding the minimum required.

I teach a variety of modern line techniques, streamlining, positions and orientation for optimal team coordination, gas management, dive planning procedures, breathing techniques and precision diving that are beyond the normal range of instruction and not your typical course that has 10 year old theory and procedures. Diving has simply evolved and too many instructors struggle to evolve with it.

Remember there are lots of cheap courses out there and when you pay for a cheap course that is exactly what you get and you can’t expect anything else. Training is purchased certification is earned.

Last but not least a course is supposed to be fun while learning. I am not a military style instructor nor do I believe in harassment style training programs. It is necessary to integrate a certain level of stress into a course it is however not necessary to do this through physical or mental harassment of the student. I prefer situational progression and progression of the task load to accomplish this and prefer to remain a presence of calm and security.

If you have any questions about our training please feel free to read the comments section on our website.

I hope this answers most of your questions and wish you good luck with your search. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at info@siriusdiving.com

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Posted 30/04/2012 by Sirius Diving