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The keys to life. From a Cave Divers perspective

The keys to life. From a Cave Divers perspective

1. Get control of your breathing
2. Get control of your buoyancy or physical person
3. Think about the solution don’t focus on the problem
4. Act in a calm, controlled and precise manner
5. Do not react based on your emotions; fear and anger = fight or flight

-Fear leads to panic, and a panicked mind is a non-functional mind.

-Anger leads to an adrenaline response and consumes all your energy or the ATP in your cells which consumes the Oxygen in your blood leaving your brain starving and once again non-functional.

Take time, breathe and think before acting in a calm and rational manner..

Imagine if the whole world did this..


Sre Keaw 100m Dive

Kris and the Yucatek team in Thailand ( just finished a 100 meter dive in Sre Keaw cave in Krabi. With only one meter starting visibility remaining poor all the way down, it made running the new #36 line a bit difficult but they did finish running the new line to 50 meters of fresh water. They also managed to get rid of the line traps and a bunch of confusing navigational markers to make it a safer dive. Next week they will finish cleaning up the intersections at 65 meters and 85 meters as well as see if they can clean up some more of the existing placements. Good luck and safe diving.. 😉