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Congrats to new Full Cave Instructor Garry Dallas!

So after 7 days of intense training and evaluation we at Sirius Diving would like to congratulate Garry Dallas from Simply Sidemount & Simply Tec for successfully completing his TDI Full Cave Instructor Course and lots of thanks to Tom Steiner from Gozo Technical Diving for doing a great job in preparing him for it. Well done Sir and well earned.

His comment after the course: ” I’ve passed my full cave instructor course with TDI !!! 🙂
It’s been an intensive but amazing few weeks.
I would like to thank Kris Harrison from Sirius Diving for putting his heart and soul into the course from start to finish. His meticulous attention to every aspect of technical detail is reassuringly satisfying. This is what every instructor should do no matter what level, peoples’ lives depend on you. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your training. Thank you 🙂
Tom Steiner you have been there all the way for me. Your teaching and guidance has been very influential above and beyond the standard course. I thank you for that too 🙂
I have been privileged to be taught by some of the best instructors to date and I intend to pass their knowledge and experience on to others to make diving as safe as possible.
Feeling humbled, relieved but yet marginally ecstatic to have attained this goal, although not quite sunk in yet.

Dry land skill practice for cave dive training in Mexico

Hose control with Sirius Diving

Hose control

Using a simple rope is a great way to practice and to understand hose control before entering the water.

Team communication

Setting up complex navigation

Setting up and navigating past complex navigation is a vital skill for a cave diver.

Team positioning and communication within the team are underestimated skills. It makes your cave dive safer, more efficient and enjoyable.

Lost line procedures

Dry land training is a great way to practice and improve your skills.

Zero visibility exit

Zero visibility line drills

Under water caves are the darkest places on earth and therefor cave divers need to train and be confident to do everything in complete darkness, in case of complete light failure.

Air sharing skill

Cave trim