Students vs. Instructors

I’ve seen a lot of good students with bad instructors and I’ve seen a lot of good instructors with bad students..

When you show up as a student your primary purpose is to learn, not to get certified as you are paying for the training and not the certification.

The job of a student is not to kiss the instructors a$$ nor to stroke their ego, the student should show up prepared to invest time in themselves; to improve themselves and not worry about whether or not, they will get a piece of plastic in return for the money spent. You must understand the difference between paying for training and paying for certification, for what is a certification without the ability behind it. Even if you walk away without a certification you have not failed. You have gained experience and knowledge which is the true value in training, don’t let your own ego deceive you of that fact.

In return it is not the job of the instructor to impress the student with how good they think they are (Ego) or certify as many people as they can for profit; rather to provide the student with safe, reliable and professional instruction demonstrating patience, compassion and restraint; to make the student as good as they are capable of becoming during that time.

I am often asked how can you pick a good instructor? In this regard I know many instructors that offer great courses, some of which also have big egos and bad instructors that have even bigger egos. My response is always; “pick one that will invest their time in you not their ego”.  If you pay attention you will always recognize an ego, so as a potential student if possible have a coffee with them and or get to know them before beginning training.  Remember it’s an investment in yourself not them.

I grew up in the world of Marital arts and thought “only the world of politics could contain and exhibit more Ego”. I was wrong ego is everywhere!

We as professional educators must surpass our egos and work for the benefit of the students; showing patience, giving our time as that is what the students are paying for not just skills and not act like dancing monkeys, entertaining them with stories of our greatness. Remember we are simple diving instructors teaching highly specialized courses for the safety and benefit of our students, we are not movie stars or politicians. “Even if we are cooler than they could ever hope to be.” 😉

We should never berate the student nor be the cause of anxiety and stress; the task loading incorporated during training is enough to do that on its own. We should never task load students beyond their ability to handle the tasks if they remain calm and controlled while preforming the required skill sets. In other words don’t rush them; “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”, if a student needs more training, then the student needs more training.

Education is an investment not of money rather in the betterment of yourself and that takes time, unfortunately time costs money even if it is your own time. However education is something you can never loose and no one can ever take from you, even if you lost all the money or property you own, you will always have what you’ve learned. As I mentioned the first reason to seek training is to become better than you were, not to show off a card, certificate, or diploma as these things don’t make you a better person, only you can do that.

I have witnessed many students cramming for exams without investing the time to actually learn anything, other than how to forget so they have the space to cram for the next round of useless information, whom are then awarded a certification or diploma simply because they learned how propagate a system and know nothing of it so what is the true value of that education as it is mostly a waste of both time and money.

This is an unfortunate result of the money and need for profit involved in any system of education. Many people attain high degrees of rank, authority, certification, accreditation, influence or prominence simply because of money and ego without regard to who they are teaching or how it may affect their well being in the future.

I find it disgustingly unfortunate and try to the very core of my being to reverse this way of thinking in both diver and instructor level courses but not just in the courses I teach rather in every detail of life.
Unfortunately due to this philosophy I have lost more than one job or student but as it was well quoted in the movie Kingdom of Heaven;

“Who is a man that does not try to make the world a better place”. 😉

Posted 20/09/2014 by Sirius Diving