SDI Open Water Sidemount Diver

SDI Open Water Sidemount Diver
SDI’s Open Water Sidemount Diver Specialty is a must for any sport diver wishing to use this increasingly popular equipment configuration.  It teaches students how to safely utilize side-mounted primary cylinders as an alternative to the traditional back-mounted method

During the course, your SDI Instructor will take you on a minimum of two dives and cover skills such as:

  • Equipment considerations
  • Gas management
  • Attaching cylinders
  • Trim and Buoyancy
  • Different water entries

Prerequisites: Open water diver, 18 years (or 15 with parental consent).
Course: (3 Days)1 confined water and 4 open water dives
sidemount equipment and certification fees
$550.00 with Open Water Diver certification and 25 logged dives

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                General information for all diver level courses.

*Cenote fees are an additional $25 a day.

*Manuals: $40.00

*Note: Helium and Decompression gases are additional and charged by the fill.

*If you wish to dive in Xcalak or Cozumel additional fees apply please contact us for pricing

Note concerning all courses: Please come prepared to earn your certification we reserve the right to increase the amount of time and/or dives to bring your skills to an acceptable level at additional cost to you. Additional days are charged at $250.00 per day this price includes all required training and technical equipment.

**All students pay for training not certification**

Posted 03/06/2011 by Sirius Diving