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Going from depth to altitude in Nepal

Kris and Marielle

Posted 05/05/2011 by Sirius Diving

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  1. What I loved in this DIVER is the way he thinks! A very nice person with a big personality, but as well able to open his mind on other opinion and possibilities. I really think that this is an importat ability for a diver as we never stop to learn and improve, and because many of ours decision have to be ponderate (especially in technical cave diving, where once you are in is too late to start to think how to get out). The course was awesome, and I was exausted….but HAPPY, because of the precision he teached me and always could answer my questions! If you learn the precision way you can make it more flexible with another buddy, but if you learn the flexible way you can’t make it precise. So, thanks to my tech Instructor and his special soul. Always happy to wear a twinset with a buddy like you!

  2. I had already experienced the Cenotes 5yrs prior to diving with Kris this year. My previous experience was unforgettable but when I dived with Kris, unlike others, he took the time to educate me about the geography of the area and interesting scientific facts which really painted the whole picture I was about to experience. Kris’ diving discipline, preparation & attention to detail sets him apart as a true professional, which in my experience as a diver, is crucial to safety; and to setting an example to his students. Kris’s pride in his work meant that I also benefitted from feedback and coaching to improve my technique. I expected a cavern dive, but the value of tuition from Kris meant I came away with a lot more than simply an unforgettable experience. Thanks Kris & the team at Sirius

  3. ‘Close your eyes… breathe in, breathe out… relax… now imagine that you are standing on the summit of Mt Everest! That is the sense of achievement you get when you have done one of Kris Harrison’s diving courses. Simply awesome! Enough said…’.

  4. “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan”

    This has truly been one of THE most intellectually challenging, inspiring and motivating courses I have undertaken. It is so exciting and refreshing to see someone who truly takes an interest in what he teaches and dedicates a massive amount of time into research behind his teaching from the physiology and planning to the environmental aspects and history of the cave systems we are diving in. The in water skills were very thorough with over 800 minutes spent in the water within the course, they were very well organised, omitting nothing in terms of making sure you really grasp and understand the importance of procedures within the cave environment. I was blown away by Kris’ generosity with his time, he is willing to go above and beyond to help inquisitive minds understand all aspects of the diving industry, I have finished this course with a huge smile, very confident in what I have learnt and see Kris as a great friend and role model in terms of who I would like to become within the diving industry. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met this instructor and would be more than happy recommend him to anyone, very sad to see the course come to an end I have had a lot of fun and looking forward to doing more training with Kris in the future.

    Yoda it truly has been a pleasure love Luke 🙂

  5. The ability of Kris to share with you not only his knowledge, but also his way of thinking and solve problems in priceless! I did three courses with him, up to normoxic trimix. I feel that my career as technical diver started with the most solid base possible! Thank you man! Hope to see you soon, I have a lot of ideas about how to plan my dives that i would like to share with you!
    I m a diving instructor too and the ability of motivate your students is crucial for making them dive more and better.

    “Next to a great man there is always a great woman”

    Marielle you are awesome, you always made me feel like at home!
    Thank you! When you are in, you make the difference!

    Every diver should get trained by you guys, to be really aware of what is doing underwater!

    Davide Marchetti
  6. 2 years ago I decided to enter the world of technical diving. I was looking around for an instructor to start this adventure. By a friends recommendation I met then Kris and Marielle.
    After some talking I decided to start my courses with these guys.
    Perfect choice!

    I went from Advanced Nitrox all the way up to Trimix diver and even did my instructor course over the last year then up to Decompression procedures!

    Krises knowledge and passion about this type of diving is impressive. Even though it is a hard dive training Kris and Marielle made it easy to understand and very enjoyable dive sessions.

    The courses are well organized and structured. The training will be conducted at different dive sites, so I had always new impressions throughout the courses. The gear was always perfectly maintained and high level brands. (Apeks, Dive Rite, Flex Hoses,..)

    I even could assist a couple of cave courses with Kris and no need to say, that these courses are the same high quality like what I experienced.

    The last two years training with Kris had a big influence on my own diving and the way I teach now recreational and tech students!

    Kris and Marielle are a perfect team and everybody who is doing courses with them, will bring back way more than just the certification!

    I will be with you guys again for my Trimix instructor course soon!

    Thanks for a grate time,


    Padi IDC Staff Instr. 497716
    TDI/SDI Instr. 18243

  7. It is difficult to follow these excellent reviews for Kris, Marielle and Sirius diving. Everything that is written rings true of my own experience of diving with them and being instructed by Kris.

    Kris has an instinctual desire to teach, impart knowledge and broaden ones perspective on not just diving but life itself. As any true professional knows, their discipline is not just a job but a way of being and thinking and Kris applies this to his instructing at all levels.

    Kris’s patient, stoic and holistic methods deconstruct what would normally be expected of the structure of a diving course into elements that allow the student to fully understand the real World applications of the techniques they are learning in a way that far surpasses simply completing a set of skill standards.

    Diving with, being instructed by and simply talking to Kris is a true education. His personality, passion and beliefs resonate through his discussions, presentations and talks.

    As a technical diving instructor and cave diver it was refreshing and illuminating to re visit my own approach to and knowledge of the sport, learning not only new techniques but a deeper understanding of the physics, physiology and practicality of diving. I have come away from my courses with a new perspective on how to think, teach and be.

    Kris and Marielle take the time to engage with the people they meet at a personal and unique level. They are a true partnership in their passion for understanding and education in the fields in which they work and the journey through life. They have been a source of great inspiration and in the process become great friends.

  8. At some point during a professional dive career, you should develop a need to be a great diver instead of just being satisfactory, especially as an instructor. You should question your skillsets and past training, your level of currency and knowledge, and you will find yourself with questions that aren’t answered in the books. When that happens, you need to train with an Instructor who has done the time getting it right themselves through experience, knowledge, and above all, control. Someone who throws all the advertising and showmanship aside and whittles it down to need to know.

    Kris Harrison, TDI Instructor Trainer at Sirius Diving, is that person. I’ve known Kris since he assisted on my Megalodon MOD 2 course in Thailand in 2010. In a sport where we are surrounded by people who think they’re god’s gift to diving, especially in the upper echelons, he’s hilarious, obsessively passionate about diving and training, yet still calm and observant, confident but not arrogant. He tweaks everything to get it just right, and he’s a bit OCD. He kinda reminds me of a Rubik’s Cube that has solved itself. And that is just what you need for Cave & Technical dive training.

    We were in Playa del Carmen in April 2013 so we could see the cenotes, and so my partner Amelia could do her TDI Full Cave and Deco Procedures courses. We began in the comforts of Kris’ place; he starts every course the same way – with a revision and expansion upon what you’re supposed to know – deco theory, planning, gas management, cave theory. Seven hours later, these two SSI Instructors/TDI L-platers realised they were a bit rusty to say the least. Kris broke it all down and uncomplicated it all, and made even the stuff I semi-understood before totally accessible.

    We went diving for two days after at Chikin Ha/Xtabay and The Pit, my new favourite dive site. We spent time getting the basics down with equipment setup, honing skills and drills before moving onto Cavern skills. I realised how much I’d forgotten or didn’t already know at that point, and that nothing is left to chance. With Kris’ better half Marielle filming us in HD, we dived, adjusted, debriefed, dived, tweaked, tinkered, wondered aloud, dived, and eventually it started to fall into place. I thought my buoyancy and trim was pretty damn good before. It wasn’t. It is now.

    An outer ear infection for Amelia kept us dry for two days, so we took this time to do some further land drills and line practice for missing diver, entanglement, line repair amongst others. But soon we we getting wet again, moving through Intro To Cave skills in the deeper portions of Xtabay, Tajma Ha and Minotauro, each cave becoming deeper in penetration, far tighter and twistier. The task loading slowly became second nature in the dark. Under Kris’ watchful eye boom drills, out-of-air scenarios and bump-and-go exits became more fluid. Communication, teamwork and buoyancy control were more efficient. We were broken of several minor bad habits. A deeper deco dive on Day 9 in The Lagoon, a huge sinkhole in the middle of a lake south of Tulum, proved a challenging intermission – we plunged down 45m through bad visibility, thermoclines and a thick brown-red hydrogen sulphide layer to a dark, eerie wall.

    On day ten, on The Pit’s downstream line, Amelia McCarten became a TDI Full Cave and Decompression Procedures Diver. Watching Kris get excited underwater as Amelia graduated to first class Thinking Diver was great. She did brilliantly!

    We really have a lot to thank you for Mr Harrison… you have mastered the art of being the watchful Sensei, knowing when to push harder and when to gently remind. You are omniscient and omnipresent, ready with a cutting device on an SMB launch or a hug in a moment of frustration. You talk the talk, but more importantly, you walk the walk. BUT… you still didn’t explain the number 9 to me. Bad instructor.

    And to Marielle, your video is just amazing. We really do appreciate the hours and hours of work and effort you put into it. We’ve shown heaps of people so far, and even the non-divers are saying, “Seriously? I gotta go do that.” Thank you for always having cold water for us, having a great barbecue with tasty salads, and giving us lots of coffee when we looked half-dead and overwhelmed. You know what they say; behind every smart man is a patient woman! Haha!

    You guys rock. You’re a great couple, and you create a fantastic environment for students to learn in. Be proud of Sirius and wherever it takes you. We’ll be back!

    All our love,

    Nick & Amelia

    Nick & Amelia
    • Nick you are yourself a master of words and we find ourselves speechless at the generosity of your comments. Thank you.. It was truly a pleasure to teach and get to know the both of you, you are both always welcome and well written in to our book of friends.. All in all the pleasure has truly been ours.. Stay calm and dive safe.. Cheers

  9. I had already heard many great reviews from friends who had dome course with kris in the past, and when my business partner returned for a week of guided dives with the same review my choice for my full cave training in Mexico was simple.

    Kris has a kind demeanour that makes you feel comfortable, yet settles for nothing but perfect for his students. He takes the time to explain everything is perfect detail, starting with the basics and continuing into advanced techniques and theory with the only interest of the student in mind with no such things as a stupid question.

    Its a perfect learning environment, with dive talk and education lectures taking place a the office, truck ride to the dive sites, and the Cenotes themselves. You learn about the discipline your enrolled it, but also numerous other facets of technical diving if you are keen and show interest. The water skills are repeated numerous times ensuring you have both the skills, attitude, and confidence to carry out further dives on your own.

    I will certainly be back to learn more from Kris

    Erik Brown
    Team Blue Immersion

  10. Since October of 2011 I have had six different technical diving instructors. One I was a student for instructor training. The classes where Advance Nitrox, and Deco, Advance Wreck, and Intro to cave (although I was trying to complete full).I also have 100 plus technical dive’s within about a year’s time. The instructors I have are all referred and top notch, well known.
    Kris is a pleasant surprise. I am sure anyone who has taken a class with Kris will feel the same way. He is one of the most knowledgeable diver on the planet. He takes NO shortcuts. If you want to become a better diver Kris will teach you into one. If you are interested in diving training with real genius, you want Kris. He has given thought about every aspect of diving dissected it and made improvements. He can be critical and fun at the same time.
    I am confident I can first exit a cave properly and enter it like a gentleman. I am a much, much better diver because of Kris.
    I also learned Florida is not harder than Mexico. Each has their challenges and it is a mistake to do this comparison. They are such totally different environments it would be best to be trained at both.
    I know what to expect from Kris, and what he expects from his student’s, perfection. Kris Harris from Sirius Diving is “The Real Deal”

  11. I recently did a course, adv. nitrox, with Kris in Mexico after a recommendation from a diving buddy and I was deeply impressed by his attitude and diving acumen. Kris exhibited a comprehensive understanding of all of the facets of of the subject matter and made an excellent teacher.

    Unlike many (most?) instructors / courses / schools which reflect the c-card focus of diving instruction, Kris is a diving professional and I felt my money on the course was well spent in expanding my diving knowledge and skills.

    Kris has provided me with a clear framework of the skills and theoretical knowledge I need to develop as a diver and will certainly be my first choice for any further instruction.

    I would recommend Kris to anyone in need of a diving professional for any purpose.

    Adrian Koochew
  12. I would describe myself as a tricky customer with High expectations from my courses. I have taken Full Cave and Trimix from Sirius to date and am very happy with the instruction and holistic approach towards diving excellence that they offer. It is refreshing to find an operation that promotes a progressive method of tuition supported by solid instruction. Kris and Marielle are knowledgeable and experienced which has made for an efficient transfer of information during my studies. The operations equipment is top of the line and it is clear that the amount of energy invested in the students learning is very high.

    If you are looking to pursue diving tuition at any level. Then I suggest you look at Sirius! You will receive training of the highest standard and this is supported by solid and sound information. You will also move through your training understanding why you are doing things as well as how to perform the tasks to a masterful level. This is not common in today’s climate of price drop diver education.

    Thank you Sirius for giving me the skills I need to move forward and offering me the opportunity to better myself as a diver.

    Russell Hughes
  13. I did my TDI Extended Range and Full Cave Diver courses followed by a week’s worth of guided cave diving with Kris and have nothing but good things to say about him. From the moment I met him, he put me at ease. He has an ability to explain things clearly and concisely, and never made me feel bad about asking questions. He even answered questions I didn’t know I had. His knowledge of dive theory, in particular diving physiology, was truly impressive, and I learned so much from him.

    In the water, Kris was calm and patient, and let me make mistakes so that I could learn from them, which I appreciated. Kris is tough in a good way. You get the sense that he wants you to learn how to do something properly. I really felt like I was paying for my training but had to earn my certification. This was definitely training that was worth every penny. Being an instructor myself, I also gained a whole new perspective on how to teach after being a student. It’s an eye-opening and humbling experience to feel like an open water diver all over again.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kris to anyone. I’m already planning to do more training and cave diving with Kris as soon as I can get back to Mexico!

    – Rebecca

  14. Just returned from Playa del Carmen, Mexico where I had the wonderful opportunity to dive with Kris, Marielle, Alain and Jef. Looking at the cavern dives with Marielle or the Advanced Nitrox / Deco Procedures courses with Kris, Alain and Jef this has been some of the best diving I have done in the 13 years I am diving and definitely the best dive courses I ever took!
    Kris is a great instructor, with true passion for what he does and the remarkable skill to teach diving in theory and practice in a way that makes it easy to learn quickly.
    I really enjoyed diving with you guys an I am looking forward to doing this again soon! Thanks for an amazing experience!

  15. Hello =))
    I was lucky enough to do my Full Cave course with Kris and every part of it was amazing! I feel i have been trained to best and got the very best from the money spent.

    I fully recommend anyone and every one, if they get the chance to be taught by Kris to do it!

    Just watch out for your Isolator….you will understand if you do a course hehe!

    Thanks again Kris

    Beth x

    Beth Durrans
  16. Sometimes it happens right. I had the opportunity to meet Kris who was my instructor for 8 fantastic harassing days, Marielle and Alain from Sirius Diving. I met great divers and more important great great great people.

    I was fed up blowing bubbles and watching fish. I found the right instructor: the one that told me the “what” and most importantly the “how” and the “why”. So after few years of diving I finally had
    the chance to discover diving. I appreciated the training because I got real professional courses and not only a video and a manual. Kris is great and passionate, he knows a lot about diving and much more. And his addiction is quite contagious. I discover new dimensions of diving that I cannot wait to develop and complete. I left with a will to discover more (reading about diving, finding proper conferences about physiology related to diving, etc.) Diving with him is much more than just getting wet, it is rather a wonderful experience.

    Now I am a new one among the many that would cross the world to have a course with him and have simply a great time learning how to properly dive.

    From today on, I am definitively Sirius about diving…

    A special thank’s to Jef (post above) who did a great assist for my whole course.

  17. I met Kris and Marielle on Koh Tao where I was finishing my divemaster training. After a few nights of Kris’ passionate and super enthusiastic TEC- talk in the bar, me and my buddy Jorrit decided to go for it. And so we started the tec 40 and 45 courses (unfortunately, because of limited time, not able to do tec 50).

    From the beginning till the end I was impressed by Kris’ amazing teaching skills, his ability to answer every question in a very understandable way (and answering even way more questions we hadn’t thought of yet), his underwater skills and the knowledge to explain everything he did, al his configurations and methods. Never would kris say ” you have to do this or that because that’s the way it’s done..”, for everything he does he can fully explain the reasoning behind it. This made me into a much more critical diver, meaning that I question everything I see and try to think of possibilities to improve my equipment/ configuration/diving skills all the time.

    But the thing I loved most about (diving with) Kris was his sincere love and passion for diving and for passing on his enthusiasm to his students (which he does very, VERY effectively!!). At the time I was fascinated by how someone could be so incredibly enthusiastic about diving, I mean, I really liked it but that was nothing compared to Kris’ passion. I clearly caught the virus. I can talk for hours, days about diving with anyone, whole day long to finish the day with a cave dive movie and still lie in my bed thinking how my next dive will be.

    I still see my course with Kris as my most enriching course so far, one that had a bigger impact on my diving than the DM, IDC or any spec course I’ve done. I’m coninced that anyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to dive with kris (and marielle) will experience the same as I did. Kris is still the one I go to if I have questions about tec diving, I see hem as a reference and, more importantly a good friend (likewise for marielle of course) and I can’t wait until I can come to train with and see both of you again!!

    love you both!


  18. Kris was my girlfriend and I’s first instructor in 2008 and we recently returned to Playa to dive with him again. He is a fantastic instructor and although we did not take any full classes with him this time, he was an excellent guide and took us through the beautiful Dos Ojos Centote as well as 6 dives in Cozumel.

    Kris’s greatest gift is his ability to explain ANYTHING. I have been known to ask a few questions and my gf can ask a ton of questions and with every answer Kris gave he answered 10 other questions we had not even thought of. Unlike most instructors that will usually answer a question with a mix of information they had already given and a touch of you wouldn’t understand, Kris will make you understand and take as much time as needed to be sure of it.

    Whether you want to take a course or just dive with a local they will turn just another dive into a great learning experience no matter your skill level.

    250+ dives and counting. Working on joining the 7000+ club with you Kris!

    Oh and Marielle is just as great. You guys are awesome can’t wait to get back down to Playa.

  19. Hallo!

    I made the acquaintance of Kris in Koh Tao and after a quarter hour I decided to make Tec courses with him.
    It was a very intense time and he showed and learned me so many things also changed the way I dive.
    He is very into it and I think the way he teaches will make everyone a better diver.
    If you are looking for a pro who can teach you from A to Z you got him.
    I hope that I will get the possibility to do some more course with him.
    Best regards also to Mariella.
    Thanks a lot Kris.

    Robert Fuchs
  20. Hi,
    I had been working as a freelance recreational dive instructor for about a year when I decided to get into TEC diving.
    My initial goal was simply to become a better diver. My fear, as an instructor, was to see one of my student (or even just a fellow diver) sink to depth, out of control, and for me, not knowing what to do or how to do it.
    I looked at depths below 40 meters as a dangerous and unknown world. I consider that it just takes courage (or recklessness) to go deep down, but it takes knowledge and training to make it back to surface, unharmed.

    When I met Kris, we sat down for about an hour and he explained his own phislosophy of dive training, and he told me about his experience as a diver, and he presented me with the whole content of the trainings he could offer. Kris answered all my questions and I trusted him right then. He said (and I heard him systematically repeat it to other students) that one pays him for training, and not certification. As an instructor, I share that spirit. Therefore, I felt very tuned. He also said to me that he would change the way I dive. I was excited!

    I had done about 500 dives before starting the training with Kris. I felt, at that time, that I was hungry for a new challenge. I needed to learn more. So I signed for the Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures and Extanded Range courses.
    On the Advanced Nitrox course, I felt like I was thrown back to beginner’s Open Water level. I had to relearn most of my skills. What a challenging time!
    Eventuyally, I spent about 2 months with Kris (who kindly facilitated as much inwater time for me as possible and more…) and I can say that he met his word: He changed the way I dive. I completed the instructor courses for ADV nitrox and Deco Procedures in March 2011, and I am commited to do more with Kris in Mexico. I am well trained, and hopefully I can soon turn to TEC diving as a professional.

    Personnally, looking back at the training done with Kris, I have met all my objectives: I know now that I stand out a good diver. I can see the difference with my peers who demonstrate respect for my achievements and skills. I can also say that Kris allowed me to built a solid and in depth understanding of what I do and why I do it.

    All this work and training has had great impact on me as a diver, as an instructor and as a person.
    I look at Kris as a Mentor, a friend and as a reference in diving.
    I personnally recommend Kris and Marielle to anyone interested in Tec diving.
    Love you guys!

  21. I went to Egypt, Sharm El Shake and did my training with Kris. I only went for a Open Water course, but he was such a good teacher that he taught me the Open Water in 3 days giving me a chance to do my advanced with him as well! His passion for diving spreads around him and he is a brilliant instructor. Its a treat to be taught by such a good instructor (and person for that sake). He didn’t just teach me how to dive. He taught me how to love diving!

    Alexander Jantzen
  22. Marielle Pronk was my dive master in Wakatobi, Indonesia. She dove with me every day for two weeks and brought me from a nervous beginner to a confident diver. In the year since I began diving with Marielle, I have gone diving in Little Cayman, Bali, Seattle, and Playa Del Carmen. I have had wonderful dive instructors, but none as careful, instructive, encouraging, or as much fun as Marielle. I am heading back to Indonesia and Bunaken Isalnd soon. I only wish I was diving with Marielle there. Thank you Marielle! (and thanks Kris ) Tula

  23. Kris is totally passionate about diving, and about passing on his passion and knowledge to those lucky enough to dive with him. I did my nitrox ticket with Kris, and was just so grateful for his ability to explain the tables – and the principles behind them – in simple and digestible terms. You may think that’s pretty basic stuff, but I have dived with Kris on may occasions since: his knowledge and enthusiasm shines through and makes every dive educational and adventurous. As a recreational diver, I cannot speak for the tec stuff, but I remember one occasion sitting on a boat with Kris, when he talked me through a tec dive plan in such a way that I knew I could really trust him to teach what matters. And he’s a great diplomat when it comes to negotiating mooring space with aggressive boat captains!

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