To get the most out of your Cenote or cavern diving experience try a TDI Cavern course. In this course you will improve your buoyancy, trim and line handling as well as your overall diving knowledge at the same time visiting two different cenotes in the beautiful Rivera Maya. Or you may choose to attend a TDI Full Cave Diver training course in order to see the best cave diving in the World after certification.



 Cenote Diving
If you are a recreational diver       interested in exploring the Cenotes of the Mayan Riviera we offer guided cavern tours to the top Cenotes in the area. The cavern tours are restricted to 4 divers to 1 certified cave/cavern    guide.
Cavern diving is suitable for any recreational diver with good         buoyancy.
We can show you a wide range of cenotes between Playa del Carmen and just past Tulum. If you have any special wishes just let us know. Please understand that certain caverns are only suitable for divers with advanced diving skills, like very good buoyancy, proper position and communication in the water.
Includes: 2 dives, transportation, entry fee, lunch, and an assortment of beverages
Price: $150.00

Posted 08/07/2012 by Sirius Diving