Equipment and Gas

All our equipment is in new or like new condition, regulators and cylinders receive regular service by professional technicians.

*All equipment is subject to availability

Technical Regulators

Apeks DS4 Backmount regs

Wings and sidemount
Hollis SMS75x sidemount                $25.00
Razor sidemount                             $25.00
Stealth sidemount                           $25.00
Hollis C45 Doughnut wing                $15.00
Hollis C45 Dual Doughnut                 $15.00
Dive Rite Rec wing                            $15.00
Dive Rite Dual Rec wing                    $15.00

Harnesses and Backplates
Hollis SS Backplate                           $10.00
Hollis Alu Backplate                          $10.00
Dive Rite SS Backplate                     $10.00
Dive Rite Alu Backplate                    $10.00

Helmet w. torches for sidemount cave diving

Intova torches on helmet for sidemount cave diving

Apeks DS4/XTX50 Backmount          $15.00
Apeks DST/XTX50 Sidemount           $15.00

Light Monkey 15w primary torch       $20.00
Hollis Mini 3 backup torch                  $5.00
Intova backup torches                       $5.00

Reels/ Spools and Markers
Primary Reel 150m/450ft                     $5.00
Light monkey Jump spools                   $5.00

Directional and non directional markers. Essentials for cave diving.

Cookies and Arrows

Diverite Jump Spool 40m/120ft              $3.00
Pigtail w/3 arrows/NDM                          $5.00
Deco Buoy (DSMB) Orange                     $5.00
Emergency Marker (EDSMB) Yellow        $5.00

Scuba Pro Jet Fins                             $5.00
Posidon 2D Mask                               $2.00
Wrist Slate                                        $2.00
Uwatec Bottom Timer                        $5.00
Dive Computer                                   $5.00

Sofnolime per kilo                                 $16.00
Extend Air cartridge                              $40.00
SofnoDive 797 prepack                        $40.00

Single alu 80cf/11ltr                              $15.00 (add $5.00 for EAN-32%)
Twin cylinders 160cf/22ltr                     $25.00 (add $5.00 for EAN-32%)
Sidemount cylinders 160cf/22ltr            $25.00 (add $5.00 for EAN-32%)
Deco cylinders                                        $8.00 (daily fee for overnight usage deco gas not included)

*cylinders are rented by the day and include fills

CCR cylinders
Diluent CCR 3 ltr 210b/3000psi              $15.00 (air diluent included)
Oxygen fill CCR 3 ltr 150b/2200psi         $18.00

*cylinders are rented by the day and include fills

Decompression gases
40% BO/Deco 40cf/5.5ltr                      $10.00
50% BO/Deco 40cf/5.5ltr                      $15.00
60% BO/Deco 40cf/5.5ltr                      $20.00
80% BO/Deco 40cf/5.5ltr                      $25.00
Oxygen BO/Deco 40cf/5.5ltr                 $30.00

40% BO/Deco 80cf/11ltr                        $20.00
50% BO/Deco 80cf/11ltr                        $25.00
60% BO/Deco 80cf/11ltr                        $30.00
80% BO/Deco 80cf/11ltr                        $35.00
Oxygen BO/Deco 80cf/11ltr                   $40.00

Travel and B/O gases
BO/Deco TMx 25/35 8ocf/11ltr                $50.00
BO/Deco TMx 20/40 160cf/22ltr              $60.00
BO/Deco TMx 15/45 80cf/11ltr                $65.00
BO/Deco TMx 10/50 80cf/11ltr                $75.00

Bottom mixes twins or sidemount
Twinset TMx 18/35 160cf/22ltr               $100.00
Twinset TMx 25/35 160cf/22ltr               $105.00
Twinset TMx 20/40 160cf/22ltr               $115.00
Twinset TMx 15/45 160cf/22ltr               $130.00
Twinset TMx 12/50 160cf/22ltr               $145.00
Twinset TMx 10/60 160cf/22ltr               $175.00

*Cylinders are included however if using for multiple days, daily cylinder rental is additional as are additional fills

*Custom or Standard gases are available for fills Helium is charged at .07usd per Liter

Rebreathers/ CCR’s
ISC Megalodon Apecs CCR                $150.00 (sorb and gas not included)
Dive Rite Optima                                $150.00 (sorb and gas not included)
Posidon MK6                                      $150.00 (sorb and gas not included)

Note: Rebreathers and consumables are subject to availability please make arrangements in advance.

Note: Prices are by the day per item, if diving for an extended period please feel free to ask about weekly and package rates.

Posted 16/10/2011 by Sirius Diving