TDI Deco Procedures Instructor Internship
This 18 day package is designed to teach TDI instructor interns to competently and safely introduce students to the world of technical diving. The objective of this course is to train instructors to teach and familiarize students with technical equipment configurations, enhance their open water diving skills (such as buoyancy, trim, and situational awareness), introduce advanced gas planning techniques required for decompression diving in a soft overhead environment and to familiarize instructors in the standards and procedures associated with TDI/SDI.
Includes: TDI Extended Range course, a TDI/SDI instructor crossover to TDI Nitrox instructor as well as the Intro to Tec, Advanced Nitrox, and Decompression Procedures Instructor courses.
Prerequisites: Open Water Instructor in active teaching status and decompression procedures diver
Course: 18 Days
: $4500.00

TDI Cavern Divemaster and Cavern Guide Internship
This 20 day Cavern Guide Internship is designed to teach active instructors the required skills for diving in a hard overhead/cave environment, proper use of redundant technical diving equipment, limitations and standards of cavern and cave diving as well as familiarize them with the cavern lines of the Mayan Rivera and to give them the required skills to properly care for guests while guiding them in the cavern zone.
Includes: 9 day TDI Full Cave course, 5 days cave diving, 6 days of cavern diving and TDI Cavern Divemaster rating (upon successful completion of the program)
Prerequisites: Open Water Instructor in active teaching status
Course: 20 Days
Price: $4000.00 Internship only
Price: $4500.00 with Divemaster rating


*Manuals: $40.00 Are required for instructor level courses please bring your own

*Instructor Materials: Are available through TDI HQ

*TDI Membership Fees: Are additional and charged through TDI/SDI HQ

*Note: Helium and Decompression gases are additional and charged by the fill.

*If you wish to dive in Xcalak or Cozumel additional fees apply please contact us for pricing

Note concerning all courses: Please come prepared to earn your certification we reserve the right to increase the amount of time and/or dives to bring your skills to an acceptable level at additional cost to you. Additional days are charged at $350.00 per day.

**All candidates pay for training not certification**

Posted 04/12/2014 by Sirius Diving