TDI Extended Range

TDI Extended Range
Certification qualifies you to make “accelerated decompression dives” using air or enriched air and multiple decompression gasses up to 100% oxygen, to a maximum depth of 55 meters.
*Note: This is a Full Technical Certification
Course: (4 Days) 1-confined and 4-open water dives
Includes: technical equipment and certification fees
Price: $800.00 with prior Adv Nitrox and Deco Procedures certifications
$1,200.00 Deco Procedures + Extended Range (6 Days)
$1,800.00 Adv Nitrox + Deco Procedures + Extended Range (9 Days)
Price: $2,000.00 Intro to Tec -Extended Range (10 Days)

General information for all diver level courses.

Cenote fees are an additional $25 a day.
Manuals: $40.00
Helium and Decompression gases are additional and charged by the fill.
-If you wish to dive in Xcalak or Cozumel additional fees apply please contact us for pricing.

Note concerning all courses: Please come prepared to earn your certification we reserve the right to increase the amount of time and/or dives to bring your skills to an acceptable level at additional cost to you. Additional days are charged at $250.00 per day this price includes all required training and technical equipment.

**All students pay for training not certification**


Posted 19/03/2011 by Sirius Diving