TDI Intro to Cave Diver

TDI Intro to Cave Diver
The Intro-to-Cave Diver training course helps to further develop the skills and knowledge required to dive in the overhead environment. The course explains the dangers and risks involved while diving in the overhead environment and going beyond the daylight zone.Skills in the Intro to Cave course include but are not limited to; line navigation, zero visibility training, gas management, touch contact training, emergency procedures, and a higher level of earlier course skills.
(3 days)1 confined and 4 single guideline cave dives
Includes: cave diving equipment and certification fees
$900.00 with prior TDI Cavern certification
$1500.00 Cavern Diver + Intro to Cave (5 days)
Price: $1800.00 Intro to Tec + Cavern + Intro to Cave (6 days)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      General information for all diver level courses.

Cenote fees are an additional $25 a day.
Manuals: $40.00
Helium and Decompression gases are additional and charged by the fill.
-If you wish to dive in Xcalak or Cozumel additional fees apply please contact us for pricing.

Note concerning all courses: Please come prepared to earn your certification we reserve the right to increase the amount of time and/or dives to bring your skills to an acceptable level at additional cost to you. Additional days are charged at $250.00 per day this price includes all required training and technical equipment.

**All students pay for training not certification**


Posted 18/03/2011 by Sirius Diving