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Cave video shoot for Hollis dive gear at cenote ‘El Toh’

Today Katy Fraser (She Dives Tech) and Marielle Pronk (Sirius Diving) teamed up to shoot a cave video for the dive equipment manufacturer Hollis. For our models we choose Markus Teupe (Planet Scuba Mexico) and Kris Harrison (Sirius Diving). Not just for their good looks but also for the logistics and their leadership, professionalism, partnership and experience. 😉

Cave diving video shoot in Mexico for Hollis equipment.

Kris Harrison and Markus Teupe making a jump in cenote ‘El Toh’, Mexico.

Katy took this great photo in a ‘little’ cave called ‘El Toh’. We picked this cave because it’s a beautiful white cave with room to move for all of us and our cameras and lights but not so big that the cave would swallow all of our lights.

Filming in a cave environment takes planning, precision, a group of experienced cave divers and the more lights the better!

video shoot in the Mexican caves, cave diving.

Dive planning and preparation for a video shoot.

I had a lot of fun today and we already quickly browsed through our footage and it looks like we have some great shots in there.
Now it’s up to Katy to edit the whole thing in a few minute promotion video.

Great team effort today!

Next time we dive together I would love to try and take some good photos 🙂


The keys to life. From a Cave Divers perspective

The keys to life. From a Cave Divers perspective

1. Get control of your breathing
2. Get control of your buoyancy or physical person
3. Think about the solution don’t focus on the problem
4. Act in a calm, controlled and precise manner
5. Do not react based on your emotions; fear and anger = fight or flight

-Fear leads to panic, and a panicked mind is a non-functional mind.

-Anger leads to an adrenaline response and consumes all your energy or the ATP in your cells which consumes the Oxygen in your blood leaving your brain starving and once again non-functional.

Take time, breathe and think before acting in a calm and rational manner..

Imagine if the whole world did this..


Kris is a new guest writer at

Kris will be contributing editorial content and he will also be the new rebreather go-to guy.

Check out his profile

And his first article


The Blue Hole…   Leave a comment

Equipment ready for the Blue Hole

Equipment ready for the Blue Hole

We arrived at the Blue Hole around 11:30am and started getting ready to dive. We were soon finished with the pre-dive checks and ready to get into the water. Marielle would be wearing a set of twin 12 liter open circuit  tanks and I would be diving with my Megalodon eCCR.

Kris doing his CCR predive checks

Kris doing his CCR predive checks

The dive objective was dive to 60 meters, pass the arch and return. We had planned on a 25 minute bottom time while spending our decompression enjoying the reef on the inside of the arch as the weather made it a bit choppy to decompress on the outside. We did a final safety and bubble check in the water and started our descent. We descended the right side of the arch until we reached our maximum depth and started enjoying the beautiful blue light effects.
We stayed close to each other and at 23 minutes gave the signal to start our ascent. As we slowly ascended completing our decompression obligations we swam around the reef wall and examined all of the small cracks and holes in the reef, pointing out anything we found interesting. After the 80 minute runtime and an additional 3 minute safety stop we were on the surface. On the surface, our driver was waiting for us to help with putting the equipment back into the truck for the short return trip back to the dive center, where we would begin preparations for the following days dive.

Deco bottles by Blue Hole

Deco bottles by Blue Hole

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Trimix Diving in Dahab..   Leave a comment

Kris with his Meg at the Blue Hole

Kris with his Meg at the Blue Hole

Marielle with her twin set at the Bue hole

Marielle with her twin set at the Bue hole

So Friday, Marielle and I arrived at Sunsplash Diving Center in Dahab. I was refered to them by Aaron Bruce of Tek Guru, whom I planned on doing my TDI Trimix instructor crossover with. I had done the crossover to the Megalodon APECS with him in December. Now since this time I have racked up more than 100 hours on the unit, and felt very comfortable diving it with any configuration of stages from carrying 1 to 4 at any giving time or depth..

We set straight out checking in to the small but very comfortable room at the hotel also run by Sunsplash. While we were busy checking in the staff went straight away to start filling my mix order for the next day. We planned a dive to 60 meters Marielle diving air using Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) 40% to be switched at 27 meters and EAN 80% from 9 meters and above. I would be diving a TMX 14/40 as a Diluent, and  using 20/25 as a bottom bail out and carrying a EAN 40% and EAN 80% as Deco bail-out.

Playing backgammon in a local shisha caffee

Playing backgammon in a local shisha caffee

We decided to walk into Dahab for a bite to eat and shisha before heading off to bed. We walked around and stopped in many little diving shops where they have an amazing assortment of equipment available from Rec to Tec. We decided to sit at a local shisha bar and order some Egyptian food. We waited for our order as we enjoyed the Apple tobacco and a game or 5 of Backgammon (note: Marielle kicks my a$$ most of the time.) After dinner we walked home and set off to confirming the dive plans.

Planning table dives acceptable for running both Open Circuit and CCR  was not too difficult a challenge. That was somewhat complicated as we brought only my very old laptop that decided not to start up on the first evening… RIP.. I however used the Liquivision X1 computer to plan the following dives on the integrated V-Planner Live.. This wasn’t too difficult though I sometimes found that missing a step could be very time consuming.

We woke up to fresh coffee and tea along with a small assortment of bread and cheese’s with crapes and jam. After breakfast we set about preparing out equipment as the plan was to dive the Blue Hole as Marielle had not yet passed the arch.

The camels at the desert surrounding Dahab

The camels at the desert surrounding Dahab

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Visa’s are done now what…   Leave a comment

Marielle at the Nile in Cairo

Marielle at the Nile in Cairo

Whoo Hoo… Now that the Visa’s are done Marielle and I are off to Dahab for a week of Deep Trimix diving… I gotta prepare for my TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Crossover Course 😀 Tell me what isn’t there to like about this life…

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Next destination, Wakatobi dive resort…   Leave a comment

So tomorrow Marielle and I are off to the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo to apply for our visas. The prospect of combining the two bureaucracies sounds daunting but it is nevertheless a necessary evil. We are leaving for Bali the first of March where we have a year contract in the Wakatobi Dive Resort… I will be bringing my Megalodon (eCCR) and am very excited about the possibility to dive it there. Now we just need to figure out how to fit 90kg of dive equipment into 60kg of space and still bring something to wear…
From what we read and have been told Wakatobi is supposed to be one of the top diving destinations in the world. It has amazing muck diving, deep walls, beautiful coral, and it even has caves.. The island resort has a partnership with the local villages to preserve the marine life and therefore has a flourishing reef system. Recently there has been an increase in pelagic sightings as well.. The resort is for certified divers only and we are looking forward to diving with more experienced divers more often..
There is also the opportunity to do Advanced Nitrox diving for those with certification. Advanced Nitrox diving for experienced divers is an amazing opportunity to extend their overall range of diving, opening up a whole new world of diving experiences. Advanced Nitrox or “gas switch extended no stop diving” is simply using different blends of Nitrox up to 60%EAN during a dive to extend your overall bottom time. For those divers who would like a bit more time at 30 or 40 meters without having to surface due to decompression requirements a simple switch to a higher O2 blend of Nitrox at a shallower depth can eliminate or greatly reduce the nitrogen on gassing therefore giving you more time to enjoy the dive at deeper depths.. As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of Advanced Nitrox and Technical Diving, they are fast becoming the wave of the future for the more experienced diver..

Kris doing an extended no stop dive

Kris doing an extended no stop dive

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A blog about our life as diving instructors as we make our way around the world in search of the perfect diving destination…   Leave a comment

When most people think of a perfect holiday it usually takes place somewhere on a beach, sipping a tropical drink, swinging in a hammock and listening to the sound of the tide coming in. Our fascination with tropical places, turquoise seas, and white sandy beaches is only enhanced by the long winter months and the monotony of everyday life. Many of you often think of giving it all up but for some reason or another it just seems impossible. On the other hand for some of us this is our life, we work for meager wages, live in less than ideal conditions, often giving up our friends as we travel from place to place all in the name of doing what we love… Diving….

Some of you may have first ventured into the underwater realm as a child, swimming in a pool with a mask and fins. Others through a snorkeling excursions, TV documentaries, family members, or simply being dared to try, regardless of how it happened you were hooked the second you peered below the surface.

Diving, regardless of your reasons for doing it gives us access to a weightless, silent new world, seldom seen by the majority of the people on the planet. So this is a blog about our life as diving instructors as we make our way around the world in search of the perfect diving destination…

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