Cave video shoot for Hollis dive gear at cenote ‘El Toh’

Today Katy Fraser (She Dives Tech) and Marielle Pronk (Sirius Diving) teamed up to shoot a cave video for the dive equipment manufacturer Hollis. For our models we choose Markus Teupe (Planet Scuba Mexico) and Kris Harrison (Sirius Diving). Not just for their good looks but also for the logistics and their leadership, professionalism, partnership and experience. 😉

Cave diving video shoot in Mexico for Hollis equipment.

Kris Harrison and Markus Teupe making a jump in cenote ‘El Toh’, Mexico.

Katy took this great photo in a ‘little’ cave called ‘El Toh’. We picked this cave because it’s a beautiful white cave with room to move for all of us and our cameras and lights but not so big that the cave would swallow all of our lights.

Filming in a cave environment takes planning, precision, a group of experienced cave divers and the more lights the better!

video shoot in the Mexican caves, cave diving.

Dive planning and preparation for a video shoot.

I had a lot of fun today and we already quickly browsed through our footage and it looks like we have some great shots in there.
Now it’s up to Katy to edit the whole thing in a few minute promotion video.

Great team effort today!

Next time we dive together I would love to try and take some good photos 🙂



The keys to life. From a Cave Divers perspective

The keys to life. From a Cave Divers perspective

1. Get control of your breathing
2. Get control of your buoyancy or physical person
3. Think about the solution don’t focus on the problem
4. Act in a calm, controlled and precise manner
5. Do not react based on your emotions; fear and anger = fight or flight

-Fear leads to panic, and a panicked mind is a non-functional mind.

-Anger leads to an adrenaline response and consumes all your energy or the ATP in your cells which consumes the Oxygen in your blood leaving your brain starving and once again non-functional.

Take time, breathe and think before acting in a calm and rational manner..

Imagine if the whole world did this..


Kris is a new guest writer at

Kris will be contributing editorial content and he will also be the new rebreather go-to guy.

Check out his profile

And his first article


TDI Full Cave Course video

Marielle and camera joined Kris and Katy and Yasmine on two days of their cave course.

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Sirius Diving Promotion Video

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Monday November 18th is the start of something new…

Introducing our new web site: Sirius World Adventures
And the start of a new chapter in our life…

Lately we have been feeling a change coming. A change in direction, a change in life. The past year we have interested ourselves more and more in a more sustainable way of life, a life more in tune with nature. With ever growing unhealthy changes in our food supply, a less and less spiritual society with a fast growing human population in need for food and shelter combined with overall economical problems in the world we have delved into a ton of information…we are still sorting through this information in our heads and figuring out what the future might bring but for now there is a plan to start with. a road
ROAD TRIP to the mountains of the U.S of A!! We will post updates about our trip, climbing, skiing, backpacking, camping, coping with the cold and the snow and whatever else we might end up doing on our new website: Sirius World Adventures.

This is a copy of our Sirius Diving Facebook status report:

As many of you may have heard the rumors that we are leaving Mexico for a while; it’s true. What we are doing is taking the next 4 months for a lecture and workshop tour around the U.S. and taking the time to do some camping, climbing and skiing while we are there. We are in the process of introducing “Sirius World Adventures” combining our diving with climbing, skiing and mountaineering travels.. During the next year I will be focusing more on IT work than courses and Marielle will be learning a whole new skill set for the new environments while we are getting our new project off the ground.. We’ll keep everyone posted on our progress and travels with video and blog updates. Anyway it’s been an amazing journey and now it’s time to start another new adventure.. Life is one big adventure and it just has so many roads..Mexico has been wonderful and we will be back soon.. Thank you to all our friends and students that have made it possible for us to be here and continue with the new project.. Kris

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Clip of Timix dive in Cenote ‘The Pit’

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