Mariëlle Pronk

Mariëlle Pronk

Mariëlle Pronk, originally from the Netherlands has been a Diving Instructor since 2006 and a technical and cave diver since 2007. She shares a passion for travel and exploration allowing her to work in such exotic places as Mexico, Egypt, the Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand.  With her experience and love of diving she is an invaluable asset to the Sirius Diving team. In 2013 she began to make cave diving videos reflecting the beauty of the caves and showing the skill level practiced and obtained during the different cave courses.  Along with running the daily operations she’s also responsible for the Sirius Diving web site and answering your e-mails.

Mariëlle in the Meg

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #232462
-PADI Nitrox Instructor
-PADI Specialties:  Deep, Wreck, Night, Drift, Peak Performance Buoyancy.

SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor #48806
-SSI Nitrox Instructor
-SSI Specialties: Deep, Wreck, Night & Limited Visibility, Wave, Tides & Currents, Peak Performance Buoyancy.

Personal Diving Achievements
-TDI Full Cave Diver
-TDI Advanced Trimix Diver
-Tec Rec Trimix Diver
-ANDI Level 4 Cave Explorer
-Megalodon CCR Rebreather Diver

Trimix Dive at Neptunes Chair @ 75m.

Posted 29/01/2010 by Sirius Diving