Kris Harrison


Kris Harrison in Annapurna Nepal

Kris Harrison is an award winning professional technical diving instructor since 2007. After having started diving in 1986 he now has more than 10,000 dives, with more than 4000 technical, rebreather and cave dives having taught or guided technical rebreather or cave diving in such places as Mexico, Egypt, Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Kris in Thomas Canyon, Egypt

“There is more to life than simply existing.. I’ve always walked away from the beaten path and I love giving others the tools to experience these places themselves. The world is an amazing place and full of amazing people, If people only saw that for themselves the world would truly be a different place. What I love most about teaching technical courses is giving experienced divers the ability to significantly increase their range of diving while at the same time increasing their overall safety and quality of diving”.


Kris diving the ISC Megalodon

During courses I focus on breaking down skills and the mental capacity to both understand and act rationally in any situation. We develop mastery of buoyancy control, streamlining, in water position, proper propulsion and breathing techniques, and follow a keep it simple philosophy. I incorporate progressive skill development during courses,

Sidemount Diving with Sirius Diving

giving my students a better ability to adapt to new environments having previously experienced the necessary skill sets in a controlled situation.

All courses are performance based meaning you pay for Training! Not Certification!!

TDI Instructor & Instructor Trainer Ratings (IT15623)
-Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer          -Technical Cave Trimix Instructor
-Trimix Instructor Trainer                           -Full Cave Instructor Evaluator
-Extended Range Instructor Trainer          -Intro to Cave Instructor Evaluator
-Deco Procedures Instructor Trainer         -TDI Cavern Instructor Evaluator
-Advanced Nitrox Instructor Trainer           -TDI Sidemount Cave IT
-Intro to Tec Instructor Trainer                  -TDI Cave Surveying IT
-TDI Nitrox Instructor Trainer                    -TDI Multi-Stage Cave IT
-ISC approved Megalodon Instructor        -TDI CCR Cavern Instructor
-TDI CCR Intro to Cave Instructor             -TDI CCR Full Cave Instructor
-Advanced Gas Blender IT                         -TDI Technical Sidemount IT
-TDI Nitrox Blender Instructor                   -TDI Advanced Sidemount IT

SDI Instructor Trainer Ratings (IT15623)
-Open Water Scuba Instructor IT          -Nitrox Instructor Trainer
-Sidemount Instructor Trainer               -Wreck Instructor Trainer
-Deep Diver Instructor Trainer              -Dry Suit Diver Instructor Trainer
-Navigation Instructor Trainer               -Search & Recovery Instructor Trainer
-Solo Diver Instructor Trainer                -CPR-OX-1st AED Instructor Trainer
-Buoyancy Instructor Trainer                 -Computer Diver Instructor Trainer

PADI/DSAT Tec-Rec Instructor Ratings (Instructor IDCS232464)
-DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor            -Nitrox Instructor
-DSAT Tec Trimix 65 Instructor       -Cavern Instructor
-DSAT Tec 50 Instructor                  -Deep Instructor
-DSAT Tec 45 Instructor                  -Wreck Instructor
-DSAT Tec 40 Instructor                  -Dry Suit Instructor

ANDI Instructor Ratings (ANDI CXI8228)
-Level 4 Cave Explorer Instructor       -Multi-Stage Cave Instructor
-CCR Cave Instructor                         -Technical Sidemount Instructor
-Sidemount Cave Instructor               -TSD/CSU/LSU Instructor

SSI Instructor Ratings (AOWI48807)
-Nitrox Instructor                                  -Deep Instructor
-Wreck Instructor                                 -Cavern Instructor
-Search and Recovery Instructor           -Dry Suit Instructor
-Perfect Buoyancy Instructor                 -Navigation Instructor

Personal Achievements:
5th Degree Black Belt Ju-Jitsu USJJF (United States Ju-Jitsu Federation)
5th Degree Black Belt Judo (United States Traditional Kodakan Judo)
3rd Degree Black Belt BUSHIDOKAN (Judo/Ju-jitsu/Kickboxing)
EMT-I/99 Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate
AWLS Advanced Wilderness Life Support
Level 3 Alpine Ski Instructor PSIA
Level 2 Snowboard Instructor PSIA
Mountaineering Guide UIAGM/ACMG
Ascents of Mt. McKinley (Denali National Park)
Descents to Wakulla room (the Pit/Cenote Profunidad)

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