About us

We are a TDI/SDI Advanced Diver Training Facility in the heart of the Mayan Riviera in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen is only 40 miles south of Cancun and 60 miles north of Tulum, giving us unparalleled access to the world-renowned caves and cenotes of the Rivera Maya. Just 11 miles across the channel is one of the world’s top sport diving destinations, the island paradise of Cozumel.

Kris and Marielle @ Sirius Diving

We offer courses in technical, trimix, rebreather, cave, wreck and sidemount diving from diver to instructor level not just in the Mayan Riviera but throughout the whole Caribbean.

Our philosophy is; “Give the right training right from the beginning.” We focus on proper buoyancy control, streamlining, trim, proper propulsion and fining techniques as well as giving a higher quality of safety and service to our guests. We teach all our courses using top of the line equipment, utilizing the most recent innovations in diving theory and procedures to give the best training available.

We offer all recreational courses and specialties following the same guidelines as our technical programs. All of our instructors are technical or cave instructors with TDI as well as SDI and PADI giving them a much greater knowledge and experience you don’t find in your typical Open Water Scuba Instructor. We use this additional knowledge and experience to give our students the safest and most up to date training available.

We also believe that a great experience begins with a great teacher we therefore believe that a student shouldn’t have to adapt to the teaching style of the instructor, rather the instructor should adapt to the learning style of the student. Following this philosophy we make our courses both fun and educational as learning should never be something you have to endure.

If you would like Kris to teach a Technical, Cave or Instructor course at your facility around the world please send us an e-mail to discuss the options.

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Posted 28/01/2010 by Sirius Diving