Technical Diving

Cantiel Walls
We are proud to be the first ones in the Riviera Maya to offer guided Technical and Trimix Diving to the “Cantiel Walls” of Playa Del Carmen. These dramatic walls are a seldom seen jewel of the Mayan Riviera starting between 35 and 45 meters and descending vertically to depths of more than 120 meters. For the big wall enthusiast drifting along these walls offer an array of undisturbed soft corals and the chance to see larger pelagic fish in a very dramatic setting seldom seen by divers in this area. Decompression is mostly blue water drift after 21 meters but these dramatic walls are well worth it. Depth is limited only by your experience and consumption. All dives are planned with a minimum of 1/3 reserve for all gases.
Includes: boat, twin cylinders, professional and certified guides, weights and water
Price: $250.00

*Note: equipment, decompression gases and helium are not included

Posted 23/05/2011 by Sirius Diving