It’s been a very busy season

Hello again, it’s been a very busy season here in Playa we’ve been really busy with courses and guiding caves such as Minotauro, Ponderosa, Dos Ojos, Nai Tucha, Coop One, Tres Estrellas, Casa Cenote, Taj Ma Ha, Grand Cenote and many more. We would like to welcome all of our newly certified technical, cave and rebreather divers and thank them for choosing to do their courses with us as well as thank everyone that chose to dive with us..

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Rolf- TDI Nitrox Instructor
Claus- TDI Nitrox Instructor
Henrik- TDI Nitrox Instructor
Lisa- TDI Nitrox Instructor
Fabian- Advanced Nitrox and MOD-1 Megalodon
Dan- TDI Sidemount, TDI Full Cave, Sidemount Cave and his TDI/SDI Nitrox and Intro to Tec Instructor
Raymond- TDI Sidemount, TDI Full Cave and Sidemount Cave
Rebecca- TDI Intro to Extended Range and Cavern to Full Cave
Christine- Advanced Nitrox to Extended Range
Jeff- Intro and Advanced Nitrox

Thank you everyone for making this a great season and giving us a great start back in Mexico..

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