Sirius Diving back in Playa Del Carmen   Leave a comment


Twinsets. Ready to explore the Mexican caves?

Sirius Diving  now has the facilities to provide you with a full range of technical diving training. Whether you’re making your first step as a TDI technical diver or start with the PADI Tec Rec programs.

We offer TDI cave courses and TDI sidemount courses in the most amazing caves on the planet. Or what about an Advanced Trimix course to venture beyond… The great thing is our TDI and SDI instructor trainer Kris offers all those courses and more up to instructor level. And off course there is the ISC Megalodon rebreather or more fondly known as “the Meg”…Kris’ favorite piece of diving equipment that he absolutely loves teaching 🙂

Happy Diving and once again we look forward to seeing you during your diving holiday in the Mayan Riviera.


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