TDI and SDI Instructor Trainer Course and OzTek in Sydney

We are currently in Sydney, Australia! We’re not here for a holiday but actually working hard…I’m trying to get my head around developing our brand new website, which is fun and taking more time than I anticipated…and Kris is doing his TDI and SDI Instructor trainer course, which is something we’re both very excited about. Two more days and he will be an IT! I’m very proud and happy for him 🙂

March 12 and 13 there is OzTek right here in Sydney, so of course we took the opportunity to stay here for another weekend and attend the biggest technical dive show in Asia.

Next week we’ll make our way back to Koh Tao where we will prepare for our departure to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We can’t wait to dive the beautiful Mexican caves again! But first we will stay in Koh Tao until April 14 where Kris has some more Technical courses lined up.


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