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Jetty at Wakatobi

Its been almost a year since the last post so there is too much to write about but I’ll do my best to fill in the blanks…

In February we left Sharm el Sheikh for the exclusive diving resort paradise of Wakatobi Dive Resort in SE Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Cornicopia wall at Wakatobi

Chromodoris Diane

The dive resort was as remote as it was amazing and the diving itself unreal.We were welcomed with clear blue water, steep vertical walls dropping to the abyss, and some of the healthiest coral reef’s we’ve seen anywhere.
The sea life is also very good as the variety of species is unparalleled anywhere, being full of everything from Pygmy Seahorses, to Nudibranch’s and everything in between.

Black tip reef shark

Having guided many trips of CCR divers we also discovered the shark populations there are much greater than previously believed having seen sharks on most dives below 40msw..

Staff room and Medical office

The staff accommodations were more than acceptable as was the selection of food in the restaurant, (Marielle’s favorite part) but fortunately after 4 months the call to move on was too great as was the need for a little more civilization, but all in all Wakatobi was a divers paradise.

Leaving Wakatobi

After leaving the resort we spent a few weeks of well deserved holiday in and around Bali visiting temples, beaches, monkey’s and mountains before deciding to try the east coast island of Koh Tao,Thailand.

Marielle and Kris Ubud

We heard from friends and others that the diving was world class and there were both wrecks and caves on the mainland so it was settled, Koh Tao it is!

We arrived in Thailand early in July and were immediately impressed with the island. It is a beautiful island with small beaches, mountains (if you call them that) and a social scene.
We set off to finding inexpensive accommodation as we would now be paying and still needed to find work. We found a small room in Mae Haad that was close to everything and set off to find work.
Marielle found work quite quickly (maybe too quickly;) at a small dutch dive center. I decided to look into some of the technical centers around and try my luck there.
The first place I looked was the MV Trident with the help of a friend from “Rebreather world”. I met Peter and decided to go dive with him as he wanted to show me the “Cave” at Red Rock, a local dive site and the small fishing wreck near it. The first impression of diving was almost to cry, it reminded me of diving back home in a quarry. The visibility was terrible, the coral was dead and there were 6 or 7 fish (ok maybe a few more) but still first impressions are lasting. Regardless the point wasn’t to see the reefs but to see how each other dove, after deciding that the other could dive we decided to try the wreck of the “Unicorn” an old cargo ship in about 50 meters of seawater.

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