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So tomorrow Marielle and I are off to the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo to apply for our visas. The prospect of combining the two bureaucracies sounds daunting but it is nevertheless a necessary evil. We are leaving for Bali the first of March where we have a year contract in the Wakatobi Dive Resort… I will be bringing my Megalodon (eCCR) and am very excited about the possibility to dive it there. Now we just need to figure out how to fit 90kg of dive equipment into 60kg of space and still bring something to wear…
From what we read and have been told Wakatobi is supposed to be one of the top diving destinations in the world. It has amazing muck diving, deep walls, beautiful coral, and it even has caves.. The island resort has a partnership with the local villages to preserve the marine life and therefore has a flourishing reef system. Recently there has been an increase in pelagic sightings as well.. The resort is for certified divers only and we are looking forward to diving with more experienced divers more often..
There is also the opportunity to do Advanced Nitrox diving for those with certification. Advanced Nitrox diving for experienced divers is an amazing opportunity to extend their overall range of diving, opening up a whole new world of diving experiences. Advanced Nitrox or “gas switch extended no stop diving” is simply using different blends of Nitrox up to 60%EAN during a dive to extend your overall bottom time. For those divers who would like a bit more time at 30 or 40 meters without having to surface due to decompression requirements a simple switch to a higher O2 blend of Nitrox at a shallower depth can eliminate or greatly reduce the nitrogen on gassing therefore giving you more time to enjoy the dive at deeper depths.. As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of Advanced Nitrox and Technical Diving, they are fast becoming the wave of the future for the more experienced diver..

Kris doing an extended no stop dive

Kris doing an extended no stop dive

Posted 31/01/2010 by Sirius Diving in Blogs, Diving

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