Welcome to Sirius DivingWe are a TDI/SDI 5 Star Instructor Training facility located in the heart of the Rivera Maya in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We specialize in all levels of Technical, Trimix, Cave, CCR, Sidemount and Wreck diving.

Megalodon Rebreather
Kris diving the ISC Megalodon Rebreather

From Open water  diver through “Trimix Instructor” we offer all courses utilizing the most innovative equipment, configurations and the most recent developments in theory to give you the best possible training available.

Kris Diving Thomas Canyon 75 mtrs.
Technical Deep Dive to 75 Meters

Whether you are an Open Water Instructor or Open Water diver if you’re interested in becoming a “technical cave diver“, “advanced mix rebreather diver” or just interested in seeing what all the hype is, try a TDI Intro to Tec or Discover Rebreather Diving program to give you the most out of your technical diving experience.

Cave diving in Mexico

To get the most out of your Cenote or cavern diving experience try a TDI Cavern course. In this course you will improve your buoyancy, trim and line handling as well as your overall diving knowledge at the same time visiting two different cenotes in the beautiful Rivera Maya. Or you may choose to attend a TDI Full Cave Diver training course in order to see the best cave diving in the World after certification.

Rebreather “Try Dives“are also available on the state of the art ISC Megalodon eCCR. The “Meg” is the top of the line in rebreather technology and where better to learn than in the warm waters of the Mexican Rivera Maya.

contact us at info@siriusdiving.com  

We hope to see you in Mexico!

You can also find us on the InnerSpace Systems Corporation (ISC) website under the Approved Instructors heading.

Kris Harrison has received multiple TDI “Outstanding Instructor Awards” for recognition of exceptional technical diving instruction, outstanding contributions and dedication to the sport!

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Posted 08/03/2011 by Sirius Diving


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